Frameless Shower Doors

This is truly our specialty.  Ditch the out-of-date shower curtain and renovate with a frameless shower door.  We can help give your current or newly renovated bathroom a brand new modern look that impresses.

Your bathroom will feel more open and airy compared to a traditional curtain or framed glass shower door. With different types of tempered sheets of glass, frameless shower doors give you the opportunity to completely change the layout or construction of your bathroom.

3/8 Door Panel and Return

This custom enclosure is utilizing starphire glass. Starphire glass is a low iron glass that was designed to remove the green hue that the traditional clear glass leaves — Highly recommended when you have white tile or a decorative tile that you are looking to showcase.


 (4) Piece unit with transom for steam

This steam unit was designed for a steam shower, which means that the glass
was brought all the way up to the ceiling to contain the steam. We also incorporated an operable transom above the door to occasionally provide ventilation. What a great addition to the bathroom.


Door & Panel with Clips

This 2-peice unit was installed using clips instead of the traditional channel. This is a great way to have an even sleaker design to your shower but yet still have the same amount of structural support.


There are various options for frameless shower doors.  A few unique options we have recently constructed include a  ⅜ door panel and return, a 4 piece unit with transom for a shower with steam, and a door and panel with clips.

Our shower doors are customized individually to fit a specific space.  We can assure that all of our clients will have a fully personalized experience when they decide to choose frameless shower doors.  Our highly skilled employees are happy to discuss any questions you may have concerning this contemporary shower option.